A unique weekend experience in magical fairy chimneys!

A category for the ones who want to experience the Runfire Cappadocia in a 20 km long exclusive course, to savor the moment of Start with all the competitors together. Looking for a matchless weekend experience? There you go!

Ultra Marathon
A challenging run towards fire!

A great challenge that takes 6 days in 6 stages spanning approximately 260 km of difficult course where the competitors have to make personal strategies, push their physical and mental capacities as well as carrying all their equipment and belongings in their backpacks with them all through the race.

RFC Toughest 1 Day / Lake Tuz
A non-stop, matchless challenge!

A category for those who want to pack this unique and challenging ultra-marathon adventure in Cappadocia to just one stage! If you say "I don't have time and I like challenge", then this 104 km. single long stage is for you.

Discovery 6D
A matchless experience for 6 days!

This is the category for you if you don't feel that you're ready for an ultra-marathon yet you want to experience this challenge from the start to finish! 15-20 km. stages and sustenance by the event organizers, Discovery 6D is your answer.

Discovery 4D
Ready to explore?

This category designed for being one with nature, to explore the ultra-marathon limits and your body will give you a new perspective! Discovery 4D competitors meet their limits and the ultra-marathon notion while competing in the unique race course of Runfire Cappadocia.

Corporate Races
Compete as a team in the real adventure!

Are you ready to run with your team mates on the enchanting landscape of Cappadocia?
A real team shines out in tough conditions! You have worked whole year, shoulder to shoulder. You have survived ups and downs together… Now it's time to test the office team play in tough nature.

Are you in for running with us?

Let's live and keep this adventure alive together!

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