Hot weather and tle long course should be taken in to consideration for the course comprises sharp descents and ascents, rough and varying terrains. Running all through the course might be hard. A fast walk may be required at some places. Running/walking ratio varies according to the performance of the competitor. Therefore:

To succeed in an ultra marathon, the most important factor after endurance and fitness is a a balanced diet. The balance and strategy of your diet during the race is as important as your physical stamina.

It is best to egzersize for the long stages. It is advised to change between running and walking during these egzersizes.

Running/walking with a backpack imposes burden on different muscle groups. Therefore it is best to do some parts of the egzersizes with a backpack, preferably with the same backpack to be used in the race and with the same weight. You may also want to egzersize with the shoes you will use during the race.

It is important to get accustomed to long egzersizes especially for the ultra marathon category. Your body should be fit for supporting at least an 8 hours walk with minimum breaks before the race.

It can be useful to egzersize in hot weather if possible.

Egzersize on a rough terrain. This way the muscles and tendons around ankles and knees will get stronger and injuries will be avoided.

Egzersize upslope and down. This way you will strengthen different muscle groups.

It is important to strengthen waist and back muscles especially for carrying the backpack.

Advise for equipment:

Running and trekking shoes are advised. It is better to wear 1-2 size bigger shoes in case of swelling and bandage. The soles of the shoes shouldn't be too much soft for the running will take place at some sharp and rough rocky terrain. New shoes are not advised preciesly. It is advised to egzersize with the same shoes you will wear at the race.

Batons are helpful at steep ascents and descents. They take the heavy load from feet and add support from the arms. They are strongly suggested in such course.

Hats and Bandanas
Because of the high intensity of sun light during the marathon, hats or bandanas are absolutely necessary. Brimmed hats are advised for protecting the back of the neck.

Sun glasses
Sunglasses are a must. It would be very difficult to complete this marathon without them.

Sun screens
High protective factor sun screens are an absolute necessity due to high level of UV rays.

Sleeping bags
The night weather is expected to be 10-13 C. A light sleeping bag can be suitable.

Camping areas will occasionally be in and around antique cities where the ground is stony and rough. It is better to bring a mat.

Every runner at ultra marathon category will bring their food and carry all the food with them along the race. Hot water will be provided for preparing food at the main camp. Breakfast, dinner and provisions for lunch will be provided for other categories yet there will be no food distribution along the race course. Competitors will provide for their food / supplement of choice during the race and carry them in their backpacks.

RFC Toughest1Day competitors must carry in their backpacks enough food for 32 hours long race. It is important to watch salt intake. It is advised to consume salt or take salt tablets during the race.

Water Containers and Hydration Systems
Enough water will be provided at the check points. It would be more effective to consume water at intervals. For this reason water tanks can be preferred for hands free movement.