Runfire Cappadocia Ultra Marathon is run on a very special course with different terrains, each promising a unique experience with varying features like valleys and Lake Tuz stages.

The course must be completed in designated periods and conditions. Otherwise the race will not be coounted as completed.

The course comprises check points and main camps. Each competitor is obliged to reach the main camp by passing through the check points. If the competitor fails to pass through any check point or the main camp and get their ID's marked will be disqualified.

Each check point will be closed after a period which will be announced beforehands. Competitors who fail to reach the check point within this period will be disqualified. The timing of these periods is flexible due to race conditions and may be changed by the race director.

One important characteristic of the race is self sufficiency. for those applying to the Ultra Marathon Category only, the food to be consumed during the race must be carried in the backpacks. Receiving food (from other competitors, staff, locals or shopping at the settlements) and giving food to other competitors results in disqualification. A competitor is disqualified in case running out of food or having not enough food to complete the race. Race organizers can check food and backpacks at intervals.

Runfire Cappadocia Toughest 1 Day competitors benefit from the food service at the camping area yet there will be no food supply during the race along the course. Therefore, it is mandatory for the competitors to carry their food with them during 32 hours of race. Competitors bring their supplies.

Discovery 4D, Discovery 6D and Corporate Races competitors are not obliged to bring or carry their food. The race organizators provide food for these categories. Breakfast, dinner and provisions for lunch are provided by the organizers. No food supply is provided on the course during the race. It is optional for the competitors to bring and carry food they think will be necessary during the race (energy gels, bars, food supplements, etc.)

Hot water for preparing food will be provided for the competitors at the camp site. Water will be delivered on the course at intervals and adequately by the organizers. All competitors are obliged to take and consume water. In case a competitor gets transfusion due to dehydration he/she gets time penalty of 2 hours for the first transfusion and 4 hours for the second. In case of a third transfusion, competitor is disqualified.

Differing across categories, competitors are obliged to carry the respective mandatory equipment of their categories in their backpacks. Competitors who fail to present mandatory equipment during the race are subject to disqualification. Organization staff and the referees hold the right to equipment and backpack check anytime during the race.

Using any means of transportation (motor vehicle, bicycle, horse, donkey, mule carriage etc.) regardless of duration and distance results in disqualification.

Competitors will camp tents prepared by race organizers at the main camp areas. Competitors are obliged to stay at the main camp after each stage. Spending the night out of the main camp leads to disqualification. Spending the night in a tent other than the assigned tent oblivious to the race organizers results in 2 hours time penalty for the first time and if repeated results in disqualification. Race organizers can change the assigned tents when necessary.

Competitors dropping litter anywhere out of main camp and specific points at check points are penalized with 2 hours time penalty for the first time and if repeated with disqualification.

RFC Ultra Marathon will be run in a natural and historical world heritage site. Any harm to natural and historical assets results in disqualification as well as considered as crime according to laws of Republic of Turkey. In such case, the individual is responsible for the act.

Continuously disturbing other competitors may lead to disqualification. The race director holds the right to decide in such situation.

Competitors must be minimum 18 years old. Entry for those who are younger then 18 can only be possible with an accompanist (competitor) parent. Competitors younger then 18 must fill in the Parent Permission Form at the web site and sent the signed copy to race organizers via fax. The original of the form must be presented to organizers with all the other documents at the first day of the race.

There is a contigent for each category. If the contigent is filled for a category, priority belongs to registered participant.

Contingeny per category:
Ultra Marathon: 80
RFC Touhest1Day: 80
Discovery 6D: 50
Discovery 4D: 50
Corporate Races: 15 Teams (4 ppl. in each team)
RFC 20K: 100 Persons

The registration process is completed when the entry fee is paid. Registration is not approved without payment.

You may find the detailed information on entry fee, payment options, discounts and inclusive services to entry fee at the entry fees page.

If notice of cancellation is received until May 31th, registrant is refunded with a 10% cut. No refund is made after this date.

Registrations will be closed 2 weeks prior to the marathon (July 10th, 2016).

It is obligatory for the registrants to present a health report along with an EKG. These two documents must be presented at the application.

The race requires high level physical and mental endurance. Thus the competitors must be well prepared. Each registrant signs a consent letter before the race.

Entry to the race may be individual or as a team. Individual competitors will score in a general rank as well as the women/men rank.

Scores for each competitor is assigned by adding the the time penalties (if there are) to total time in all stages. In case of objections records of the organizers will be taken as a basis. Arrival times to each check points will also be recorded.

In Corporate Races category each team comprises four (4) competitors and the race is run on the same course. The team members must get to the check points together. Team members can also apply for individual races. If one member of the team discontinues the race, the team will be disqualified but the other members of the team can continue the race in Discovery 4D category. Team time is also recorded for the individual time for the members of the team. If one member of the team discontinues the race, the team time thus far will be recorded as individual time. The individual time penalties of the team members will be added to team time.

Highest rankers will be awarded with cups and medals in the award ceremony after the race. There is no money award.

Proffesional rescue and health teams will be present during the race at all times. Main medical services will be given at the main camp and basic health services will be provided at the check points. The medical team will be on the course during the race. Mediacls hold the right to disqualify a competitor in case there is a health issue. Yet it is preferred by the organizers that the competitor finishes the race.

The race director is responsible of the race course and management during the race. The map of the race course will be delivered to competitors before the race. The race course can be changed by the race director due to weather conditions or other reasons. Check point and main camp locations can again be changed by the race director. Race director briefs the competitors about the daily course each night.

Competitors can commit their precious belongings and other belongings to staff before the race. These will be returned at the end of the race. The responsibility of the equipment that will be carried in the backpacks during the race belongs to the competitor.

Competitors may get sponsors. They are allowed to wear sponsor logo on their chests or backpacks as long as they don't cover the race number. Visibility of sponsor logos apart from these two locations is decided by the organization comitee.

Competitors may discontinue the race at any point. The organization staff must be informed and the document for discontinuation must be signed. ID cards are refunded at this point and race cannot be continued but the competitor is free to run the rest of the stages. No refunds will be paid in case of discontinuance. The competitor who leaves the race cannot hand over his/her equipment or food to another competitor. Otherwise the other competitor is disqualified. Discontinuing competitor can benefit from transfers to the main camp with the staff and staff food. Upon request to leave the camping area, the competitor is transferred to the nearest airport, bus terminal or city center by race organization.

All registered runners are deemed to have accepted all of the race rules.